Saniderm Artist Roll

Saniderm Artist Roll

 The Cleanliness of a Surgeon

Products similar to Saniderm have been used by doctors, surgeons, and hospitals for over 30 year. Only Saniderm brings these hospital grade products in large sizes and affordable prices to the tattoo industry. Saniderm will add to the aura of cleanliness and hygiene of your studio.


Beautiful, Skilled Pieces of Art

With Saniderm tattoos heal quicker, locking in richer colors. Scabbing is virtually eliminated, preventing loss of color. Saniderm covers your art, allowing minimum exposure to the elements. Ultimately, color heal brighter and black heals blacker so your work looks better.


Why It Works

Saniderm locks in the body's natural fluids and enzymes, which would otherwise be lost to evaporation or scabs. These fluids keep cells hydrated and more effectively break down and remove dead tissue. Growth of new cells is stimulated and paid is significantly reduced. Saniderm provides a barrier against dirt, bacteria, and friction, while at the same time being completely breathable- inviting oxygen to the skin and eliminating bacteria growth. Studies show that wounds kept hydrated can heal twice as fast as dry wounds.


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